Late to the Twin Peaks party

Twin Peaks. Never saw it.

Recently been hearing comparisons of movies and games to it so I decide to check it out. Watched the pilot. I’m like: “why is Moby’s Go playing all the time?” So it turns out that Moby rerecorded the theme and put it into a tune he already had called Go. Apparently there was a large cult following of Twin Peaks in the electronica scene and many people were releasing remixes.

Then that Big Ed guy is the dude from Dune who says Mordeeb all the time. Oh oh, David Lynch did this. This makes sense because he did Dune. Main character is from Dune too. Lynch is a weirdo. Dune was weird, this is weird. Good but weird. I think he intentionally tries to disturb people and characters to make them seem more vulnerable. No one is perfect, everyone seems very mortal. He shows blood being drawn, things are broken and noisy and he generally tries to not let watcher comfort set in. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well.

Throughout, I thought this was the Northern Exposure show. Oh, it turns out that this show was shot in the same town and aired around the same time. How confusing. I thought the tone was going to be mild like Northern Exposure but it’s not at all. Continuing with ep #1 tonight…

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